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 3-camera Coude-Echelle Spectrograph

 3-camera Coude-Echelle Spectrograph with spectral resolution up to 500,000.
 Spectrograph MAESTRO (MAtrix Echelle Spectrograph) installed at the coude focus of the ZEISS-2000 telescope (peak Terskol, Kabarda-Balkarian republic) was designed for wide-bandpass stellar spectroscopy with resolutions from 40000 to 180000 in spectral range 3500-10000 ÅÅ. This instrument was put into operation in 1997.

  • the collimator is an off-axis parabolic mirror with a diameter of 200 mm and a focal length 7100 mm;
  • the echelle mosaic built from two echelle gratings
    (200x250 mm with 37.5 gr mm-1) has a tan qb= 2
    (qb= 63.° 5) blaze angle;
  • the echelle mosaic built from three echelle gratings
    (220x320 mm with 37.5 gr mm-1) has a tan qb= 6
    (qb= 80.° 5) blaze angle;
  • the cross-disperser is a 45° crown prism;
  • the cameras:
    • camera 1 - folded Schmidt ƒ = 450 mm;
    • camera 2 - Schmidt with outer focus ƒ= 875 mm;
    • camera 3 - Schmidt with outer focus ƒ = 1900 mm;
  • detectors:
  • Wright Instruments CCD, 1242x1152 with 22.5 mm pixels

    Mosaic R2   Mosaic R6
Camera (f, mm) 450 875 1900 450
Orders number on CCD 90 90 45 96
Orders length at l 5000 () 70 35 18 26
Linear dispersion at l 5000 (/mm) 2,49 0,33 0,67 0,93
Resolution 43000 80000 180000 120000
Slit width 2" 1" 0,5" 2"

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