International Center for Astronomical, Medical and Ecological Research
 Study of gas and dust in comets

Imaging photometry and polarimetry of cometary dust, imaging photometry of ions and neutral molecules in comets

C1999S4 (LINEAR)
Chronicle of the disintegration
July 02,2000   July 03,2000
July 24,2000 July 25,2000
July 26,2000 July 27,2000
July 28,2000 July 29,2000

Telescopes Instrumentation
 2m RCC Telescope produced by Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH (Germany)
 Large Horizontal Solar Telescope  
 Zeiss-600 Telescope
 80-cm Telescope
 Small Solar Telescope SEF
 3-camera Coude-Echelle Spectrograph
 High-Speed Two-Channel Stellar Photometer
Activities80-cm Telescope
 Spectral investigations of interstellar clouds, solar analogs, X-ray binary stars, etc.
 Orbit calculation and monitoring of geosynchronous satellites
 Observation and modeling of selected manganese lines in solar spectrum
 Simultaneous observations with the Synchronous Network of Optical Telescopes to study microvariability of stars
 Study of gas and dust in comets
 Photometry and astrometry of the inner satellites of Jupiter and Saturn
 Atmospheric studies

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